Early Learning Reporting System

Registration Instructions

Please read the following information regarding the registration process for the Early Learning Reporting System.

Pre-Kindergarten Staff

Beginning Fall 2015, all Universal Pre-K staff (e.g. lead teachers, assistant teachers, itinerant service providers, district coordinators, child care staff, head start staff) will need to complete a registration process for the new Early Learning Reporting System (ELRS). This will grant you access to Webtop, the WVDE's single sign-on initiative.

By having a Webtop account, you'll only need a single set of credentials to access all Webtop applications and third-party services including Office 365. Additionally, a @k12.wv.us email address will be provided to you as well as a free download of the latest version of Microsoft Office. To learn more about Office 365, please visit wvde.state.wv.us/office365/.

Note: If you already have a Webtop account, then you'll still need to complete the registration in order to gain access to the reporting system.

To register, hover over Registration, then click your appropriate role. Please carefully read all of the instructions. If you are a lead or assistant teacher, you will need to know your WVDE Certification License number. All WVDE certifications, permits and authorizations have this number. You may find this number at wveis.k12.wv.us/certcheck/. It is comprised of 12 alphanumeric characters in red lettering.

Once you've completed your registration and confirmed your email address, your registration will go through an approval process to confirm your information is accurate. You may check your registration status by hovering over Registration, then click Check Status.

After your registration has been finalized, your ELRS account will be created. You will receive an email detailing your account information. Once you have this information, you'll be able to login to the Early Learning Reporting System. Furthermore, you will receive an additional email containing information about your new K12 email account if you do not already have one.

If you encounter any issues during this process, then please email elrs@help.k12.wv.us with a detailed description of your issue.

Kindergarten Staff

If you are a Kindergarten teacher, then you should not have to register if you already have a @k12.wv.us email address. If you do not have a @k12.wv.us email address, then please email elrs@help.k12.wv.us for further instructions.